What Are Independent Schools?


Independent Schools are "independent" because they each have a distinct educational mission, and are independently governed by a board of trustees. They are supported by tuition payments, charitable contributions and endowment revenue and are non-profit tax exempt institutions of the type described in section 501c3 of the internal revenue code. The Minnesota Association of Independent Schools is a non-profit organization of pre-primary, elementary, middle and secondary schools all of whom are Independent.


Through the ISACS accreditation process, MAIS schools hold themselves publicly accountable to all who seek assurance that they meet accepted standards of educational quality and operation. MAIS schools share a commitment to achieving excellence and inspiring innovation.


As part of the private school community, Independent Schools include coeducational, single-sex, and special focus institutions, as well as boarding and day schools. Independent Schools are selective- they have the ability to shape their learning communities in such a way as best fits their mission and vision. In addition, an independent school family actively selects its school – choosing to be a part of the same community. As such, a sense of partnership and shared commitment often pervades the educational environment.